Divorce Attorney in Boston

Note on Alimony: On September 26, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick signed a new alimony law into effect. The new law makes radical changes in Massachusetts divorce practice, creating different types of alimony, of differing durations, with explicit guidelines on amounts and modifiability. If you are paying alimony, you need to consider whether the new law affords you the chance for relief from your obligations; if you are contemplating divorce, you need to understand this comprehensive overhaul of the alimony statute and how it would fit in with trial strategy and settlement negotiations. You need a lawyer who stays on top of developments in this critical area of the law.

Although most divorce cases settle, my philosophy is to begin preparing, from day one, to go all the way to trial. If we are aggressively preparing for trial, we are far more likely to negotiate a settlement from a position of strength. If the case cannot settle, then we have thoroughly prepared and will be ready to present a powerful and persuasive case to the judge. The outcome of a divorce case will dramatically affect your and your children’s lives and standard of living for years to come. Among the important matters that must be resolved by settlement or trial are the division of real estate, bank, stock and retirement accounts, provisions for alimony and health insurance coverage, and matters pertaining to child custody, visitation, support and college expenses.


Family Law

I also have decades of experience in other aspects of family law, such as adoption, conservatorships and guardianships. Matters in these areas of the law are usually… but not always… less adversarial than divorce. Since crucial rights and responsibilities are at stake, these cases need to be handled with the highest degree of care and attention. Please see my page on Probate Litigation.