Auto Accident Lawyer Boston  

One moment of inattention by a car driver … texting, fiddling with the radio, day dreaming, turning to admonish children in the back seat… can end  a life or cause catastrophic injuries to a victim. There is nothing “bread and butter” or routine about auto accident cases… every one of them must be thoroughly investigated, prepared and presented. I believe that special attention must be paid to the consequences of injuries from a car crash. Even if the victim fully recovered, how was his or her life impacted during the recovery period? Was his or her work life impacted adversely? Were there free-time hobbies … softball, bowling, hiking, bicycling … that were limited or impossible for weeks or months? Your lawyer must appreciate how the quality of your life was affected by the injuries caused by another driver’s carelessness, so the full story can be presented to judge and jury.